Sunday Carvery

We are also serving our Sunday carvery at the Marina Bar on Sutton harbor, every Sunday from 12 pm till 5 pm. You have a choice of

three meat, Beef, Turkey and Pork, served with a selection of roasted vegetables.  booking is not essential but we do get rather busy. You

can book your table on 01752 266937

New opening

As most of you know, our business suffered a tragic fire in February of 2018, since then we have been closed waiting for the insurance to

sort itself out, building work started in October of 2018 and is now nearing completion. As it stands we are looking at opening in the third

week of February. we will be carrying on with our theme of fandom inspired food and cocktails, we will also be hosting numerous events

in the coming year, we will also be offering customers the chance to hold their own parties at Cafe Fandom with an extensive choice of

buffets including High teas, finger food buffet, hot fork buffet, and a three course carvery.


Opening Times


Fandom Breakfast







 Address: Sutton Wharf, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 0DW.

Phone: 01752 601763













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