All the best heroes in the stories we love have big hearts. They are often the ” little guy “, ordinary people thrust into extraordinary situations. Sometimes they stem from troubled backgrounds, suffer from mental health issues, or physical disabilities. Then, when gifted with an amazing new ability or in possession of a magical talisman, instead of using their power for self-gain they selflessly use it to help others. Always striving to do what is right. Throughout their journey, they face many challenges and obstacles but never waiver and when they have the chance to do good they don’t think twice.

It’s early in our journey here at Cafe Fandom but we already feel like have been gifted with something amazing. Something we hope goes from strength to strength and we can not achieve that without you. The people who make up our communities, from all walks of life. We are only as good our customers and you guys are amazing. So, inspired by our favourite heroes, we aim to give something back to the communities around us and do as much good as we can.  After all, with great power comes great responsibility. We can’t stop a speeding bullet, travel in time, cast magic spells, slay dragons or defeat evil galactic Empires but we can strive to empower people to be proud of who they are. We hope to bring a positive impact to the communities we become a part of by employing apprentices from disadvantaged backgrounds to help build up their work experience, organising fundraising events, working with local charities such as Woman’s charities around domestic violence, supporting mental health charities, the LBGT community, the elderly and much more.

We offer a discount on food to NHS staff, Armed Forces, OAPs and students. If that’s you, then bring along your relevant official photo ID for proof. Also, we only use locally sourced produce and will be helping to support other small local businesses. You can find out about some of the things we have planned by checking out our events page, this page, however, is dedicated to you, our customers and our communities.
So keep a look out here for photos and stories from the people we meet along the way as we document our journey.
We hope to see you soon and may the force be with you.





 Address: Sutton Wharf, Plymouth, Devon, PL4 0DW.

Phone: 01752 601763













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